Is All Information Protection of the War in Syria Biased?

There is an old saying which goes something along the strains of ‘truth is the very first casualty of war’, and I believe that it is specifically appropriate when it will come to the civil war that is at present unfolding with bloody effects in Syria.

There are two primary troubles when it comes to finding out the real truth about what is happening in any conflict. The first of these issues is the evident fact that warzones are exceptionally unsafe locations to be at best. Journalist do of course go into warzones to provide protection about what is happening, but this typically indicates that they need to have to be embedded with a military device so that they have some protection and so that their actions can be knowledgeable by military intelligence which is not accessible to non-army personel. This has its possess troubles, since the reporter cannot go in which they want and only see what the troops they are embedded with come about to see. But in Syria even this is extremely hard. Rebel troops are unwell-organised and usually linked with worldwide terrorists, and as they are mostly a guerrilla power rather than a regular army they have no proper bases and require to soften again into the common inhabitants at occasions. So journalists cannot really tag along with them. On the other aspect the Syrian regime has banned all international reporting, that means not only that journalists cannot be embedded with them, but also means that there is an additional layer of hazard for any journalist attempting to work independently. الإئتلاف of this combines to suggest that it is pretty much extremely hard for any skilled journalist to function inside Syria.