Classical Theories of Leadership

Some psychology experts feel that leaders are born, whilst other folks believe management is a ability that somebody can find out. The review of the region of management concludes that there are 4 standard and classical theories of management. The theories cover the traits and qualities of leaders and how leaders ought to behave.

Trait Theories

Trait theories go over the traits that great leaders have. This principle was launched and investigated by scientists this sort of as Stogdill in 1948 and Mann in 1959. Early study states that leaders have traits this kind of as assertiveness, the ability to inspire other people and intelligence, which can make them innate and fantastic leaders. Although early analysis efforts focused on the traits and traits of leaders, other scientists identified that there was not any correlation amongst the attributes and attributes of leaders that were different from followers.

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By the sixties, researchers started concentrating their study endeavours on the behaviors of leaders. By 1968, the research led to the creation of the Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid. The grid groups work designs jointly to develop four primary doing work designs: “Issue for Responsibilities, Concerns for Individuals, Directive Leadership and Participative Management.” These types explain how leaders operate and interact with followers to lead the followers to finishing the responsibilities at hand.